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The Equivalence Committee


For a long time, Lebanon has had an Equivalence Committee that has always played a role in developing a national framework for equivalency recognized by the Lebanese Government as the only reference for getting recognition of certificates and the equivalency for education levels in various domains (general education, higher education, and technical and vocational education.)

The Equivalence Committee in Lebanon was formed by Ministerial Decree N0 9355 issued in 1962.

In 1997, another Ministerial Decree was issued, which ordered formulation of two separate committees for equivalence. The first committee was given the task of working on equivalency in pre-university general education classes while the second committee would work on equivalency in higher education.

Why the Equivalence Committee?

Due to the following:

The Role of the Committee

The Equivalence Committee for pre-university education is responsible for:

The work of the Committee:

 Evaluation of Educational Systems:

The Committee bases its assessment on a comparative study between the Lebanese education system and:


Take decisions on Equivalencies:

1 - General Decisions

    The Committee takes general decisions regarding educational certificates and apprenticeships in Arab and foreign countries.

    These decisions are ratified by the Minister of Education and Higher Education and are published in the Official Gazette.

    The equivalence is given to all holders of such diplomas and apprenticeships.

2 - Decisions on “Nominative Equivalence” or Recognition of studies and granting equivalence.

The committee reviews the file:

3-Vocational Studies

The Committee works through some decisions to ensure the following: