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Freshman year


Reminder to Universities that Give the Freshman Program

Universities need to take note of the following:

1-  Present a list of names of all students registered within the Freshman Program every semester

2-  Abide by the distributions of credits and subjects in accordance to the categories specified by the Lebanese Ministry of education in reference to the initial decision, Official Gazette No. 32, Article II, table 1 (issued on 28/07/2005)

3- Submit:

a-  A full transcript (official)

b-  A certificate of Fulfillment of Freshman Requirements that include:


4- For other freshman‘s requirements, visit the link:(www.mehe.gov.lb/equiv)



Who is entitled to study freshman program in Lebanon?

 The Lebanese or non Lebanese who has:


Who is entitled to do the Freshman equivalence?

In addition to the registration requirements for the Freshman, the student should have:

 Remark: If you had  benefit  from credits transfer  from university to another, you should  present the original document  from the university  you have moved into.



Advising tips


What are the Universities that are  authorized to teach the freshman class?

Needed documents